Three Injured by Tear Gas Bombs in Maracaibo

The opposition gathering that left from the Plaza de la Republica managed to march to the headquarters of the Ombudsman in the center of Maracaibo. At least 10 blocks of the city were filled with people who attended the protest.

Representatives of the state of Zulia who lead the protest delivered a document in which they demand general elections, the dismissal of the magistrates of the Supreme Tribunal (TSJ), the release of all political prisoners, and the immediate halt of the repression by the government forces.

Desiree Barboza, a delegate of the National Assembly, told Aristoteles Torrealba, a representative of the Ombudsman, to respect the representatives of the state of Amazonas in the National Assembly and allow them to do their job. “Enough is enough, the Ombudsman cannot be an accomplice, he must speak out, because if he doesn’t then he will also pay the price of justice. To the Ombudsman we say that we will remain on the street. The humanitarian channel must be established and allowed. Nobody wants Nicolas Maduro”.

Edith Mendez, 68, decided to attend the protest because “it is urgent that families reunite. We have been separated, my sons had to leave. We cannot live this way. I march because we must move forward. There may not be a new president today, but we are on our way to change”.

At the protest, a 72 year old woman marched with a flag tied around her waist and a rosary in hand. “I am Carmen Romero, and I want my country to be free. We want to be happy”.

Another protester, Sol Diaz, agrees. “I can no longer stand not seeing my sons, I want them to be able to come here and be happy in their country, in the Venezuela that saw their birth”.

Juan Pablo Guanipa, another representative of the National Assembly, declared: “this fight is for those who have felt the need to go out and eat from the trash, for those who are dying of hunger, for those who do not have access to necessary medicines, or because the repressive forces have taken their lives. This fight is for all Venezuelans, including those who believed in this government but today are struggling because of it”.

Representative of the National Assembly Elimar Díaz said: “Venezuela has woken up and will never go back to sleep. Venezuela has learned the lesson from a dictatorial government, from a government that has repressed and has actively ruined the lives of our people. Venezuela, today is your day, united we will celebrate the Venezuelans who defend the democracy that this government has taken from us. The time has come”.

Once the document was delivered, a confrontation began between them and officials who were gathered two blocks away, Members of the National Guard intervened between both sides and threw tear gas bombs against the opposition protesters.

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