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Julio Borges: «President Kuczynski is worried about violation of human rights in Venezuela»

Following the cancellation of his trip to Perú, the president of the National Assembly, Julio Borges, informed that he spoke on the telephone with Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, the president of Perú, who expressed concern over the violation of human rights in Venezuela while they spoke about the political, social and economic crisis happening in Venezuela.

The parliamentary assured that the Peruvian president «does not accept what is happening in Venezuela. He showed huge concern about the constant violation of human rights during the last three weeks, the torturing of the prisoners, and the repression taking place during the marches», as well as the death of eight Venezuelan citizens during the peaceful protests assembled by the opposition.

Borges also expressed that the Peruvian congress gave al their support to the National Assembly and their management, as well as the Mesa de la Unidad’s fight: a guaranteed electoral process, releasing the political prisoners, respect for the Constitution and the dismissal of the magistrates of the Supreme Court (TSJ)

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